Wood Wool Natural Firelighters


Available exclusively as an add-on to your order, our wood wool natural firelighters are an eco-friendly alternative to traditional chemical-based firelighters. Approx. 50 firelighters per bag. Maximum 10 bags per order.

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Our wood wool natural firelighters are designed to make lighting your fires easier and more efficient than ever before. Crafted from sustainably sourced wood wool, these firelighters are an eco-friendly alternative to traditional chemical-based starters.

With a quick and consistent ignition, our Wood Wool Natural Firelighters make fire-starting a breeze. Whether you’re lighting up your fireplace, wood-burning stove, or outdoor fire pit, these firelighters provide a reliable spark that gets your fire roaring in no time. Say goodbye to the hassle of kindling and messy alternatives. Our natural firelighters are clean, odorless, and leave no residue, ensuring a pure and enjoyable fire experience.

Not only are these firelighters effective, but they also align with our commitment to sustainability. Made from renewable wood resources, they’re the perfect choice for those who appreciate both convenience and eco-consciousness. Elevate your fireside experience with Holme Firewood’s Wood Wool Natural Firelighters – your ticket to hassle-free, eco-friendly, and cozy fires all year round.

Please note that our wood wool firelighters are available only as an add-on to your firewood order (Max. quantity 10 bags of approximately 50 firelighters per order). Make sure to include them in your purchase to complete your fireside essentials and ensure a seamless fire-starting process from start to finish.